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I am often asked as a practitioner can I lose weight using homeopathy? The simple answer to this question is yes. Homeopathy can help you lose weight, however there is no magic cure!  There are tons of pills on the market that claim to help you lose weight, and yes many of them do help, but they require you to eat sensibly and exercise!

Using homeopathy I have helped many patients who were obese lose weight, but all of them understood that they needed to make some physical changes in their life along with taking the prescribed remedies.

Each patient is different, and their case needs to be understood.  Why are they obese? Is it because they are constantly hungry and eat a lot? Do they have a particular craving i.e. do they eat a lot of sugary things? Are they overweight for other reasons?

I will now proceed by discussing particular remedies and how they can be applied to specific cases that will aid weight loss.

There are several remedies which are commonly used for weight loss in homeopathy, these are:

Phytolacca Berry

Fucus V



Weight Loss


At the end of the 19th century, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüessler, a German Homeopath, discovered 12 essential mineral salts for the treatment of various ailments. He postulated, the salts must reach the diseased cells directly – this is exactly the place where they are needed.

The biochemical therapy makes use of the basic 12 Tissue Salts which were all discovered by Dr. Schüessler himself.

The 12 Tissue Salts

1) Calc Flour
2) Calc Phos
3) Calc Sulph
4) Ferrum Phos
5) Kali Mur
6) Kali Phos
7) Kali Sulph
8) Mag Phos
9) Nat Mur
10) Nat Phos
11) Nat Sulph
12) Silicea