The placebo effect can be described as the positive change to a patients health, made by, the patients expectation or belief that what they are taking will make them better.  Skeptics of homeopathy use “the placebo effect” as the only explanation as to why homeopathy works. But is “placebo” only unique to homeopathy? Or is this effect seen in “conventional medicine”?  The fact of the matter is, this effect is seen in all forms of medicine and even in surgery itself.

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Here is a great TED video for you to watch and make up your own mind:

An interesting topic that is normally pounced upon by the BigPharma and Critics!

I am often asked by patients whether they can overdose on Homeopathy, and I explain to them how the system works. Whether you take a single globule or a full bottle you cannot overdose on homeopathy as it does not work in this way.

Homeopathy works on the number of strikes it makes against the organism, hence taking a remedy on a frequent basis will cause the organism in some cases to react in a particular manner quicker.

Unlike the medicine of the BigPharma, Homeopathy is completely safe and non-toxic. The skeptics are fully aware that by overdosing on their own medicine they will end up dying (so let’s not try that!)