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12 Days of Christmas with Homeopathy


During the festive season there are plenty of things to be worrying and the last thing you need is to be unwell yourself.  Here is a a quick guide of homeopathic remedies everyone should have on the shelf to help keep you going well into the new year! Enjoy!

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love said to me “I can’t fit the turkey in the oven!”
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Cold and Flu Season


Cold and Flu season occurs on an annual basis when the weather changes and temperatures drop.  However it is important to note that whilst many of us think of “The Cold” and “The Flu” as one and the same thing, they are in actual fact different and caused by different viruses.

If you are generally young, fit and healthy, your body will usually be able to handle the symptoms of Cold and Flu. However there are some people who are high risk that should seek extra care.
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