There are a number of Homeopathic Software that can aid homeopaths in both taking cases and with the process of reportorization.

Here is a list of software available:

– OpenRep Pro


– CARA Standard

– CARA Pro

– RADAR 10

– MacRepertory

– AtamA

– Remedy Keys

– The Spiral

We will examine each in turn shortly.

: : More to follow : :

3 Thoughts on “Homeopathic Software

  1. Evolution: No doubt Homœopathy was appeared like a hurricane on the medical scenario and spread like fire of forest and covered the entire globe within a half of century. But, it’s also true that, after the Hahnemann’s era, alas, unfortunate downfall of the real system of medication or true medicinal science was also begun within just a century in the most of countries. It is still going on steadily so far. And so, the situations cannot to be said as very fine or comfortable. The reason behind such a scenario is merely our failure in upgrading the things or subsisting knowledge. Therefore, we are facing present situation. The reality is that, the true Homœopathic prescribers are weeping in a corner within the faculty. Whereas, in contrast, the incompetent and malicious Homœopaths (‘MIXOPATHS’) — the prescribers of ‘HOMOEO-ALLOPATHY’, are enjoying a lot on the name of this faculty — the Homœopathy. In ‘HOMOEO-ALLOPATHY’, the several substances — the so-called Homœopathic medicines, which cannot be at all Homœopathic to any individual being, are compounded and intermixed together and then administered. Such compounds cannot to be Homœopathic to any patient. Such kind of medication is being administered to the patients by aforesaid ‘MIXOPATHS’ — the so-called Homœopathic physicians, on the basis of allopathic principles. Dr. Hahnemann inscribed in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, on the page no. 76, that: “The mixture of several medicines, even if the effects of each single medicine on the human body were accurately known (–the prescription writer, however, often knows not the thousandth part of their effects–), the association, in one prescription, of several such ingredients, I repeat, many of which are themselves of a very compound nature, and the peculiar action of any one of which is as good as unknown, although in reality it always differs greatly from that of the others, and the administration of this incomprehensible mixture to the patient in large and frequently repeated doses, in order therewith to obtain some purposed, certain, curative effect, is a piece of folly repugnant to every reflecting and unprejudiced person.” In this regard, on the page no. 78, he also added that: “The result naturally belies every expectation that had been formed. There certainly ensue changes and results, but none of an appropriate character, none beneficial–all injurious, destructive!” But, even from the Germany, a step ahead, the so-called birth place of Homœopathy, merely for the cause of monetary gain and nothing else more, such proprietary Homœopathic medicines and patents are made available in the medicine shops for sale. Similarly, alluding to the Hufeland’s Journal, as regards realization of the absurdity, which exists with the allopathic mixtures and identified by the allopaths themselves, in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, he inscribed in the NB 29, on the page no. 77-78, that: “The absurdity of medicinal mixtures was perceived even by adherents of the old school of medicine, although they still continued to follow this slovenly plan in their own practice, contrary to their convictions. Thus Marcus Herz (in Hufeland’s Journal, 11, p.33) reveals the pricks of his conscience in the following words: “when we wish to remove the inflammatory state, we do not employ either nitre or sal-ammoniac or vegetable acids alone, but we usually mix several, and often but too many, so-called antiphlogistics together, or give them in the same case in close succession. If we have to combat putridity, we are not content to look for the attainment of our object from the administration of large doses of one of the known antiseptic medicines, such as cinchona bark, mineral acids, arnica, serpentaria, ..etc., alone; we prefer association several of them together, and count upon their communit of action; or from our uncertainty as to whose action is the most suitable for the case in question, we throw together a number of different substances, and almost leave it to chance to effect the end we have in view, by means of one of them. Thus we seldom excite perspiration, purify the blood (?), overcome obstructions (?), promote expectoration, or even evacuate the primae viae, by a single remedy; our prescriptions for these objects are always composite, almost never simple and pure, consequently neither are our observations in reference to the actions of each individual substance contained in them. To be sure, we learnedly institute certain grades of rank among the remedies in our formulas; on the one to which we particularly commission the action, we confer the title of base (basis), the others we call helpers, supporters (adjuvantia), correctives (corrigentia), ..etc. But this classification is evidently almost entirely arbitrary. The helpers and supporters have just as much part in the whole action as the chief ingredient, although, from want of a standard of measurement, we are unable to determine the degree of their participation in the result. In like manner the influence of the correctives on the powers of the other ingredients cannot be quite indifferent; they must increase or diminish them, or give them quite another direction; and hence we must always regard the salutary (?) change which we effect, by means of such a prescription, as the result of all its ingredients collectively, and we can never obtain from its action a pure experience of the individual efficacy of any single ingredient of which it is composed. In fact, our knowledge of what is essential to be known respecting all our remedies, as also respecting the perhaps hundredfold relationship among each other into which they enter when combined, is far too little to be relied upon to enable us to tell with certainty the degree and extent of the action of a substance, seemingly ever so unimportant, when introduced into the human body in combination with other substances”. But, methinks, we are still to realize the things with exactitude.
    The ethics of this noble profession is not seen anywhere in the present phase of evolution. It has vanished away or lost anywhere in the long run of cutthroat competition between the physicians of different faculties. Now, anyone may hunt down such Homœopaths who are fully engaged in such kinds of malpractices. Between the physicians of different faculties, in this cutthroat practice era, we may also observe our physicians who are working as a commission agent for our own counterparts (opponents). The Soul of our Master might be certainly weeping even in his rest place. In this regard, from the Ocean of such malicious peoples, except for celebrating his birth anniversary merely, has any Homœopath had enough time to look at our master’s teachings? I know it very well that, my wisdom, writings and teachings, which are solely intended for the improvement in understanding of the subject in question, as well as, to provide an excellent medicinal employment technique for the best ever mode of medication — the real ‘Homœopathy’ (?), may also go in vain; however, I shall keep-on writing and providing my latest ever experiences to all. But, it shall certainly prove useful to those peoples, who respect the Master and actually love the real truth and science. At last, in the favour of ‘similia’, on the page no. 79, in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, he inscribed that: “It was high time for the wise and benevolent Creator and Preserver of mankind to put a stop to these abominations, to command a cessation of these tortures, and to reveal a healing art the very opposite of all this,”………….. “but which, on the contrary, should spare the patient’s strength as much as possible, and should, rapidly and mildly, effect an unalloyed and permanent cure, and restore to health by means of smallest doses of few simple medicines carefully select according to their proved effects, by the only therapeutic law conformable to nature: similia similibus curentur. It was high time that he should permit the discovery of homoeopathy.”

  2. Elaine on 13 June, 2015 at 10:01 pm said:

    Have a look at Complete Dynamics too.

  3. The list should also include RADAR OPUS. Cara Pro, is it in production? I had the old version.Then we have Hompath from India.There are quite a few of Indian origin.

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