What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious autoimmune disease which affects the skin. It can be a lifelong condition. It usually causes red scaly patches (plaques) to appear on the skin, and can sometimes initially be mistaken for Eczema. The plaques are areas of inflammation and excessive skin production. Plaques frequently occur on the skin of the elbows and knees, but can affect any area including the scalp and genitals. Psoriasis is a prolonged inflammation of skin. The causes of psoriasis are still unclear.

Homeopathic Treatment

There are a number of important homeopathic remedies for psoriasis:

  • Arsenic Album – excellent psoriasis remedy in which psoriasis, worse by cold application and wetness, better by warmth.
  • Kali Brom – remarkable psoriasis remedy in which there is syphilitic psoriasis. Skin cold, blue, spotted corrugated, large, indolent, painful pustules.
  • Kali Ars – Kali Ars is a very well proved psoriasis remedy with patches on back, arms and spreading from elbows; scaly itches, scaling off leaves behind red skin.
  • Sulphur – great psoriasis remedy helpful in so many other skin manifestations also
  • Thyrodinum – one of the best psoriasis remedy for chilly and anemic subjects. Dry impoverished skin; cold hands and feet
  • Radium Brom – psoriasis of penis, itching eruptions on face oozing, Patchy erythema on forehead

There are a number of other homeopathic remedies that should be studied:

Arsenic alb, Ars Iod, Aurum Met, Calcaria Carb, Graph, Hydrocotyle, Lycopodium, Merc Sol, Mezarium, Petrolium, Psorinum, Puls, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Silicea, Selenium, Thuja, Tuberculinum.


14 Thoughts on “Homeopathic treatment of Psoriasis

  1. You could add Carcinosinum to the list if the parents got diabetes or cancer and their character is very meek (never angry), with some tendency to love animals but also showing sometimes cruelty to animals.

  2. narendra rajguru on 4 October, 2015 at 10:05 am said:

    It is very useful precise information for people to know about Psoriasis.Are these remedies common for the patient?

  3. Dr chetana tripathi on 31 October, 2015 at 3:02 am said:

    psoriasis is a disease wid persisting tendency –miasmatic selection n treatment is very important in this case

    • i am a diabetic, with high bp .
      after i started my bp medication Amalo depine, i got rash on the lower scalp skin which according to my general practitioner is soriasis. As i live in canada and due to cold weather( it re-errupts,) medication has been changed to Adalat but soriasis persists. I believe in homeopathy so please could u suggest something for me.
      Kindly reply at my email add.

  4. I am using Staphysagria in LM potencies and my constitutional remedies of Sulphur, Calc Carb and Lycopodium. My psoriasis is clearing up nicely…

  5. madhu tiwari on 26 November, 2015 at 4:00 am said:

    Very tough cases, difficult to Cure…need a lot of patience n care.. In one of my case of psoriasis, I have cured…I gave Sulphur CM in daily doses for 2months, n it cleared case. So high potencies may also be repeated frequently in chronic cases.

  6. DR.ABDUL LATIF on 17 February, 2016 at 3:38 pm said:

    In Psoriasis vulgaris I use R T and markable relife.

  7. Like every dis-ease, psoriasis requires a Homeopathic rather than a therapeutic approach, and while some remedies may be use ful in a wide spectrum of cases, each one needs individual investigation, especially for a mental/emotional trigger. For example several of my psoriasis patients have responded really well to Nat Mur, but only because the trigger for their psoriasis was an unexpressed grief, such as parents’ divorce, or a lost love.

  8. i have seen quite a few cases of psoriasis i have experience of treating myself and i was covered from head to foot. For myself carsinosen worked beautifully but there are many factors to support that choice. i dont think there is ” a remedy ” for psoriasis as such. Each case as we know is individual and unique and should be treated as such.

    • I was so excited to read what you wrote, as I’ve suffered from Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Respiratory Ailments, Skin Issues, etc. for more than 20 years – since cancer and surgery. (I didn’t know any better then.) According to http://www.herbs2000.com/homeopathy/carcinosin.htm, I fit the profile to a T – thunderstorms, butter, sensitive, introvert, personal and family cancer, father had T.B., etc., etc.,etc.! Very little in the profile didn’t fit me. So … I just took my first dose of the 200C along with proscribed Nat Mur., though I only had the Nat Mur in 30C. Will that make a difference? Ignatia’s on her way, but I went ahead, as I was eager to get started. Also, what does it mean when it says to take each “CSD” over three days? Common Standard Dosage? What’s on the bottle? I’m new to homeopathy – just three weeks – but have spent the better part of nearly every day trying to figure out what might work – and purchasing it. That was after AMAZING success with Rhus Tox, which I took for poison ivy and discovered, to my absolute delight, that my arthritis and joint pain (fibromyalgia) nearly disappeared! I’ve spent about $150 on homeopathic remedies thus far (cell salts and anything else recommended for the above complaints), and these past two days have seen amazing results. Before I had energy for nothing, not even basic housework. These last two days, I spent the entire morning clipping bushes that were in sad shape. (Before I got overheated after only half an hour of pushing the lawnmower.) I attribute this to the Rhus T, cell salts Nat Mur, Nar Phos, and Kali Sulph, with Bioplasm after exertion, because I forgot to take it before. My depression lifted two weeks ago, almost immediately after taking Aurum Metallicum 30C for the first time, though I think I need it every 10 days, rather than proscribed 14, as it seems to wear off. In the last week, my scalp psoriasis had cleared considerably, though I’m not sure that it’s only due to the above; for in addition to the above, I’ve been using pine shampoo and turpentine soap on my scalp. (Yes, I’ve been fairly desperate with the constant itching!) Mosquitoes usually eat me up, but a dose of Staphysagria before and after breakfast during my last mowing session left me with NO bites! What can I say? I’m a believer. That said, I don’t want to overdo it – as I may have already done, though I’ve staggered my remedies throughout the day and away from mealtimes. Oh, yes, and for the last week, I’ve also taken Antimonium crud 6 for horrible itching, especially at night, due to a rash on my chest and neck that came, either from exposure to the sun or to the essential oils I’d used before going outside to combat mosquitoes – before discovering Staphysagria – but the itch hung around. Now that I’m taking Carcinosin 200, which of the above SHOULD I leave off? As a newbie, I’ve likely overdone it, but thus far, I’ve thankfully felt only wonderful effects! And I do hope this message helps somebody out there!!! I know what it is to live with psoriasis and other debilitating conditions and wouldn’t wish any of them on anyone. Blessings and thanks for any other advice you may offer!

  9. Pierre Vuilleumier on 9 August, 2016 at 5:34 pm said:

    Anyone found Medorrhinum helpful to treat psoriasis?

    • Look at the mental emotional picture and all the physical aspects of the symptoms just as you would for any other case- medorrhinum will be useful if there is a simillimum somewhere in the case.

  10. Raewyn on 12 August, 2016 at 5:10 am said:

    I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, treated by homeopath psorinum cm and nat mur cm, alternating daily, after 10 days had major aggravation, have waited 8 months for it to clear. My local homeopath declined to take my case as she is only part time and skin problems can be lengthy , In desperation saw a specialist allopathic he suggested methotrexate which is so toxic I am not considering it, HELP

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