I recently came across a patient who complained of pain in her thumb.  On taking the case, it was a very peculiar mystery to find that she could not recall straining her thumb in any way at all.  On further questioning it was found that she spent a lot of time using her IPhone, and was a heavy texter.  This lead me to discover that she had a case of Blackberry Thumb Syndrome or ‘BTS’.

It would be interesting to see if anyone else has come accross this condition, and what course of treatment suggested.   Please post your comments.


Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like treats like” that is to say that any ailment or disease is treated with a remedy that in its purest form would in a healthy person produce similar symptoms. Note not the same, but similar.

The overall effect of this type of treatment, is that the dynamis is guided to direct its vital force towards curing the person in the shortest amount of time.

Other things to note, Homeopathy is safe, natural and does not cause any side effects. Although, it should also be noted that this does not mean you may experiment with remedies as in the untrained hands they can cause undesired affects albeit short lived.

Homeopathy is different to conventional medicine, which was referred to Samuel Hahnemann as Allopathy. Allopathy is a term used to explain how traditional doctors use methods to treat patients which have nothing to do with the disease, and how these methods have an overall harmful and suppressive effect.