Radionics and Homeopathy


There are many homeopathic practitioners who use radionic remedy maker machines.  Radionic remedy machine manufacturers claim that these machines are able to imprint the energy pattern of a remedy onto the delivery medium i.e. sugar pills (solid) or liquid.

I am very interested in opinions from the homeopathic community in particular on the use of these machines and experiences. Please post your comments on this post and I shall endeavor to approve promptly.



20 Thoughts on “Radionics and Homeopathy

  1. Yes I am using for the last 25 years ONE remedy maker. It is an old fashioned model from Magneto Geometric Applications, UK, a company still making the same machines firstly made by the radionic pioneer Malcom Rae.
    For other brands I cannot give any opinion, but for the one I am using (two simple dwells, input and output, to simulate remedies from a sample) I can assure you it works with only one objection: the output remedies work for not more than 3 weeks.
    BTW, I am an homeopath from Spain with no links with the manufacturer (I bought two in my life and I paid the huge price they ask for (huge after seeing the simplicity of the machine with a manufacturing cost of about 8% of the price in the market). Anyway it works and works well.

  2. In the USA, The Manufacture of Homeopathic Medicines is regulated by the
    Food and Drug Administration.
    Making Radionic potencies is not “an approved method.”
    Any remedies made by such methods and Offered For Sale are, per force, illegal.
    What you do in the privacy of your home is one thing, and what you do in your practice with your patients is another matter.
    Andre Saine did an experiment, what he found was, that the machine-created remedies did retain their information.

  3. Philipp on 2 August, 2014 at 9:24 am said:

    I am investigating the use of the radionics device. I am interested in the model you have in the picture; who makes it?

  4. I use one I’ve build myself for making rare remedies. This is my experience and my thoughts about this approach:

    Recently on interhomeopathy a article wrote about making dynamic remedies with the help of radionics. I’m very skeptical, but also open-minded in some way, therefore I start to research what this radionics box have inside … really nothing beside some pseudo-functionality. But I thought if I would declare it as “bull….” then I would not be better than all the pseudoskeptics out there and it would be hypocrisy on my account if I believe in a idealistic world and quantum mechanics and biocentrism and holographic universe theory and so on, and despite this refuse radionics.

    Therefore I decided to build one, very simple, and guess what, it works!!!

    The technique involved is very simple: I take a photo collage of different pictures of the source. I tried LSD, because my intent was to take something which generates clear symptoms in a self proving.

    The photo is streamed by a Processing software to a Arduino (microcontroller) to some LEDs and a Moebius coil (don’t forget the resistors) in series. In the center of the Moebius coil a plastic container with some uninformed globulis are placed.

    After that I could use the globulis to potentize with succussion in order to stabilize the morphic field, but this time I just took the remedies before sleeping.

    The result:
    I got a lot of dreams, … I mean a lot and very vivid, with some clear pictures. The themes of the dreams was more like that of Secale cornutum than the pure LSD trips described in books.

    My thoughts:
    Besides the clear results I have obtained, I refuse to call it homeopathy. Why? Because it requires a lot more of proving of this “new remedy”. The operator of the radionics tune into a field which could be the original source of the remedy, but it could also be just the abstract idea of the remedy. So only the classical approach with succussion and provings can provide certainty that the dynamic remedy can work.

    But we should experiment with it!!!

  5. Elaine on 2 June, 2015 at 7:08 am said:

    As a trained but not formally qualified lay homoeopath, I’ve worked a lot with radionics over the past 30 years. I treat only myself and partner, the occasional friend and never charge for remedies since I am not qualified to do that.
    I have owned a Rae instrument and a plethora of cards which I re-sold years ago. Now I own a Prue made by a now deceased gentleman, Peter R, in Sydney, Australia. It can use Rae cards but it works well using his own design of an octagon with the remedy name written within the octagon.
    Works a treat. Like any remedy, it has to be the right one in the right potency. This instrument can do them all from LMs upwards.
    I was not able to photograph the progression at the time, but giving radionic Cortisone to a patient with the typical moon face and non-healing wound had astounding effects. Over the next 3 months, her legs shed layers of skin and the purple colouring gradually receded towards the toes. One dose of 6x, btw. A follow-up of radionic Cortisone 30 completed the cure. Right out of the textbook, brought to life the lectures on ‘direction of cure’.
    I use a radionic-made version of Biodynamic prepared 500 for a lot of different jobs. One is to keep kitchen scraps smelling sweet until they go into the compost. Use it when putting down a batch of compost. The red compost worms which live under the bins enter the mix at the right time for them and breed with enthusiasm. Then I use it in place of washing powder. The clothes come out with a brighter look to them and there is no substances in the washing water so the water can be used on the garden.
    I had heard that radionic-made remedies had a limited life. So far, 3 years down the track, the remedies which I have made including the BD 500, are still effective.

  6. Elton Akpabio on 11 August, 2015 at 1:43 am said:

    As a practicing Homoeopath, I have been using radionic machine to produce remedies in our homoeopathic hospital in Africa for the past 10 years since it is difficult to get “Ready Made” homoeopathic remedies in Africa…….it is very effective

  7. dr.venkatesh on 15 November, 2015 at 4:56 am said:

    I’m little sceptical about the efficacy of such a machine made potencies.

    I have been practicing for more than twenty years. I know if a remedy bottle is empty, just by keeping blank globules in the bottle they get medicated. but globules need to come into actual contact with the remedy or its remnants.
    If an exposure to the electro magnetic signals emitted by remedy can medicate, then why not keeping globules in the same room with the remedy can’t medicate ?

    Why not by just looking at the correct remedy (similimum) a patient can’t be cured ? these questions need to be examined and confirmation bias should be ruled out. I confess I can’t trust remedies made by radionics machines and would not dare try them in acute cases and emergencies.

  8. I have the machine that is in the picture, a Sulis Mk. 2. I also have a Sulis Mk.3 which I have used extensively for a number of years. It’s enabled me to make combination remedies which would be far too expensive to make otherwise by a pharmacy. I have made over 400 formula remedies over the years. I have probably the most effective homeopathic remedy in the world for Hay Fever. Surely that is proof that the Sulis machines work! I can’t say for any others.

    • Karen Urwin on 9 January, 2020 at 3:04 pm said:

      Hi Michael, may I ask why you have a Sulis Mk 2 and a Mk 3? Am just looking into machines at the moment.

    • Hi Michael, I’ve just bought an MK3 Professional from Sulis, I would love to know more on how you use your machine, do you use a light wand with it?
      With thanks, Jolanda

      • Karen Urwin on 25 March, 2020 at 1:46 pm said:

        Michael and Jolanda I am looking at a buying a Sulis or similar, I have always been on the fence but now need to have access to a pharmacy, as been out of practice for some years due to health reasons, but need to get going, would love to find out how you are doing and get more info. Thank you

    • Mubashar Rasheed on 16 March, 2020 at 5:39 pm said:

      Do you want to sale your mk.2?

  9. Urslan Hayat on 20 January, 2017 at 12:53 am said:

    I know the most experienced Homeopath in our city of Sialkot-Pakistan, Dr Imran Sadrah is using a Magneto UK machine for over last 20 years and he swears by it.

    Treating 100s of patients every month with remedies made on his radionics machine, as a Homeopath myself, I have seen his patients cured, this must mean that radionics machines work well.

  10. I need either a machine to concentrate my remedies or someone to do this for me.

    can you help??

  11. Traudl Wöhlke on 10 October, 2019 at 9:54 am said:

    I would like to add a totally different aspect. Instead of using a machine, some homeopaths just write the name and potency of the remedy on a slip of paper, place a glass of water onto the paper, and leave it there for a few hours. This is enough to transfer the qualities of the remedy onto the water, and it works too, they say. Those whom I know say they do so if they do not have on hand the remedy needed.
    I have suggested this to a friend in the Philippines who could not get the remedy she needed, and she reported to me that the paper remedy had worked!
    I still hesitate to do this when I can obtain real traditionally made remedies, but considering the modern science of water, this method makes sense too. And we do not need a machine.
    My doubts are: how do I know if this is not a placebo effect?
    Anybody else experiencing this method?

    • Anjeleca on 17 September, 2021 at 3:49 pm said:

      Hi Traudl, I have not read along enough to see if your question has been answered about a placebo effect. My thoughts are that there’s no difference. Isn’t it curious that a ‘placebo effect’ even exists. I suppose, does it matter?

  12. I have found the remarks to be very interesting. The fact that those homeopaths who are using remedies generated by a Radionics Machine say that they are getting good results, so long as they are using the correct remedy to treat the presenting symptoms, makes me believe that it works.

    My question is: normal remedies are made from plants, minerals, and animal cells. These all contain the life force of the parent material. Dilution and succession or potentization will then change the frequency or vibration of the remedy. So what happens if the remedy is made purely from electronic frequency generation, without any life-force? Is it actually more pure on the frequency level?


  14. Mashruf Hossain on 12 December, 2021 at 8:54 am said:

    I want to get detail information about radionic machine

  15. Dear homeopaths
    Do you suggest Eductor or Sulis for a beginner Homeopath like me. Is there any more new technology we can practice with

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